The golden peak home food the interactive game


The golden peak home food the interactive game

Assist.Prof. Gomesh Karnchanapayap


Golden Peak Home Food is a food manufacturing company focusing on healthy food product lines. The company wished to develop a marketing tool for their upcoming trade events. The artist proposed to develop a fun and exciting platform game by incorporating the company’s corporate identity for promoting products.


The artist utilized Media Molecule’s Dreams as the platform to create a fully functional game, “The Golden Peak Home Food: The Interactive Game”. In this game, the player will be playing a 3D-platform-style game assuming the role of a cute bunny. The goal of this game is to earn points by collecting as many Golden Peak logos as possible. The stylized environment of the game contains the company’s information and product lines. This makes the player aware more of the company-especially about what kind of products the company offers. The company can use this as a fun and exciting marketing tool to attract young audiences in a trade exhibition setting. Making the company desirable in a fun and innovative way.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

The aim of this interactive game is to create awareness about the company’s products. The
game can then be used as a mini-contest during trade events to attract audiences.

Process or Methods

The artist began by designing the platform game and utilizing Media Molecule’s Dreams to
develop a fully interactive game suitable for trade exhibition setting.

Techniques and materials

Game Development on PlayStation 4

Size or Mins.

Multimedia 3840(W) x 2160(H)


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