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Gift Box Design

Gift Box Design

YuanJun Xiong


Review the traditional gift packaging picking process, people usually need to invest time, money, and effort to find the perfect match for their selective gift, the lack of appropriate concise and clear way on the market of packaging to allow customers to “one-step” to complete those steps, but today, in the field of design development is diversified and prosperous, design can do more. By merging the concept of gift box and the gift itself, give the new-style “gift box” the mission of conveying emotion, according to different types of emotional requirements to accurately express. Moreover, “gift box” become no longer a disposable item, it’s something that can be passed from hand to hand to bring people closer, and has more sentimental function and value. 

The concept of pattern design came from the psychotextiles experiment, which makes the “gift box” has a clear, distinctive, and designated connection between the giver and the recipient. It expresses and speaks the will of the giver that is suitable for multiple occasions, even if it is “ineffable”. This premium positioning gift box provides additional emotion influence function and with letter cards to maximize the capacity of expression and communication, making it have more specific and profound value on the basis of enhancing social relations in the gift box. Makes people reach a more intimate, close, and tacit understanding level.


Through an in-depth study of relevant information that explores a way to influence different emotions through texture, in the meantime, combines the profound meaning behind the gift-giving behavior, so as to achieve a change in the relationship between the giver and the recipient, and enhance the intimacy of people’s social relations. And solve the problem of normal gift boxes being limited and pattern stereotyped. on the other hand, increase the sense the participation of gift box for the giver. to the recipient, gift packaging is no longer a disposable item, they can through using the letter card to the next person to want to send a gift to convey information again, and is not restricted by the space of the gift box, Recipients can choose from small to medium- sized gifts that can be accommodated by transforming the box. This new way of gift box design can be applied to either positive or negative occasions and changeful structure to form more unexpected and interesting effects. Currently, psychotextiles are only used in a few areas such as fabric. This research combines it with the concept of gift box packaging to create an innovative and disparate result. modern design realized the possibility of solving multiple problems at once and making people’s life to have more convenient and expectations.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

The study aimed to explore the diversity value of the gift box, so as to expand the function of the product.

1. Using certain texture to achieve the goal of influencing people’s emotion

2. By using gift boxes to help people who are unwilling and to express emotion face to face with others to convey feelings

3. Increase the sense of participation of the giver in the process of preparing gift-giving

4. Recycling product

5. Diversified gift box structure and convenient storage

Process or Methods

Combine with the key information in the research, the gift box should be an object that integrates words, and geometric figures, from which an emotional message can be extracted and passed to the receiver. I designed the gift box in two aspects: the design of the letters as a function of emotional expression, and the design of the pattern of the gift box as a major part of emotional influence.
Based on the research of psychotextiles, the design used the characteristics of repetitive and non-repetitive patterns to design two kinds of gift boxes, “calm” and “passion”, which were applied to the emotions of the gift recipients. The second part of the letter card design uses the same research content, utilize the exciting emotional process of people using words to express themself to the recipient, designed a series of letter cards for people to complete the self-expression desire in the process of giving gifts.

Techniques and materials

This paper discusses the functions, aesthetics, advantages, and disadvantages of three kinds of paper materials, makes attempts to analyze, and further compares their thickness, defects, and other details for evaluation. Finally, choose coated paper as the most preferred one between ordinary A4 paper and corrugated pape.

Size or Mins.

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