Loga X Joe The Sea-Cret Agent ; The Balance of Design and Desirability


Loga X Joe The Sea-Cret Agent ; The Balance of Design and Desirability

Mr. Suttichart Sarapaiwanich


Every designer has their uniqueness and specific style to present through their artwork to a customer but in between that connection’s client that concerned about profit and marketing parts. The balance of these desirabilities of stakeholder in each project’s the skills that a designer try to find the best position that still shows their identity and solve every problem for a client.
This project is “LOGA X JOE the SEA-CRET Agent”, it’s the collaboration between Thai computer product brand and famous Thai comic art into the boxset of design products for developing intelligent property and client product design at the desirability balance point.


The finding of perfect area of design desirability from client, artist, and customer is the difficult process of the collaborative product. The only way to find’s discussion and flexibility between client, artist, and manufacture. If this process does not balance, the collaborative product can’t show the function of the client product and the uniqueness of the artist that might affect the success of the product in the end.
This project succession happens by the experiences of the artist and the understanding of the client that finally find the best position of this collaborative project.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

The objectives of this project:
1. Combine the product design and comic art to the art piece that balances between
function and art.
2. Design collaborative product from the limitation of the manufacturing process
3. Adding more value to the product by client budget cost

Process or Methods

The research about client products is the first process of this project. This product’s keyboard and mouse pad of LOGA Thailand for hand comfortable when using the computer for a long time especially for gaming activity. (Promotional Products Blog) This brand also creates a collaborative design with the artist to adding value with limitation marketing.
After understanding the product and client desirability (Wikihow), we’re starting to find the best part of JOE the SEA-CRET Agent comic to present on the keyboard and mouse pad and found the perfect scene of the gunfight that’s the uniqueness of this comic but change the real gun into gaming gears for tone down the aggressive scene.
The next process’s design the other product in this boxset like keycap, fragrant bag, sticker, and box. This project also added another product like drip bag coffee and artbook that’s the identity of the comic to balance the desirability of stakeholders.
Before the product launching day, the promotion planner chooses social media to viral this product to the customer of the brand and comic by sending the product to influencers and behind the design processes video from the comic artist. (Fraile) Url of promotional video :
This plan’s success as well, the LOGA X JOE the SEA-CRET Agent boxset sold out on the launching day.

Techniques and materials

The design techniques of this product are base on hand-made and digital art by drawing comic line art on paper and scan to a digital file to finish the artwork in high resolution for print on the keyboard and mouse pad.
The materials of keyboard and mouse pad’s combination of high-quality fabric and rubber that print the comic artwork on the upper side with water resistant coating. The other product materials ’re chosen by the client and artist in the experiment process like the coffee bean in drip bag that chose from many different beans from specialist coffee manufacturing or the fragrant bag that chose the ocean scent from the story of the comic.
The design process artbook printed by digital publishing for limited pieces.

Size or Mins.

Digital art Illustration Graphic Design
Boxset: 41 x 11 x 10 cm.
Keyboard and mouse pad: 90 x 40 cm. Artbook: 21 x 10 cm.


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