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1.1 REAL or FAKE No.2

Asst.Prof. Vichai Mekkerdchoo


Nowadays, the internet plays an important role in the daily life of every class, profession and all ages. To attract consumers or the target audience is interested in the content they want to present, Words or Images must be used that will instantly grab attention, eye-catching, and arouse curiosity. This makes it sometimes presenting content that is exaggerated and distorted, misleading consumers. Leading to the wrong message either by forwarding the message or telling until it becomes a neglect of the truth in the content until there is nothing left of the truth outline Which is a trigger that causes communication problems as in today’s news.

It is also a source for disseminating information immediately. Sharing information is sometimes both real or difficult to investigate or find the root cause. Someone may intentionally create false information for a specific purpose. Some people took it and accidentally shared the wrong content.

When it comes to fake news, it doesn’t just mean fake news. But also includes information that is not true. Therefore, if we want to understand the process of forwarding or sharing information that is not true. There should be a need to understand the types of misinformation, people’s motivation and content that has been prepared and spread.

Fake news was originally defined in many ways. But from the European Commission and in the political context of the United States, it can be concluded that “fake news” means news that contains untrue, deceptive, or creating situational news, including covertly support news writing, according to a 2017 LSE Media Policy Project report by Tambini.

Fake News can be categorized into six groups based on characteristics of their content delivery:


In short, Fake News is false information presented as news, information for the purpose of misusing individuals to cause damage to a person or organization in order to gain benefits in any way

As for my works, want to present ideas, consider and make observations before believing or sharing any information to avoid causing damage to the person or any agency


Objectives Aims or Purposes

Problematic information circulating in the system and try to categorize Fake News ranging from fake news, to comedy, satire, for fun. The recipient knows that it’s not true, but wants to read and share it for fun. If the person or group of people being teased or ridiculed is not laughing, embarrassed, insulted, humiliated, or hated, it becomes Cyberbullying or Hate Speeches.

Another category is misleading content. This may be done intentionally or unintentionally. Sometimes, famous or credible people are impersonated to say or endorse it. There is also a variety of information to be linked, although in reality they may not be related at all.

For example, irrelevant research is linked to certain products or for the purpose of selling more products; Bringing old photos or images of other events into the same event, misleading the recipient that it is the same story or the same event.

The worst is the content that is intended to be edited. Whether it’s text, images, sound clips, video clips, whether it’s done for fun. Build faith or for various benefits is considered false information that has an impact on an individual, group of people or society as a whole. It is also an illegal act.

So before believing or share any information should be considered by observing the following methods.

1. Consider the credibility of the published website. If you find an online news site with only a few pages that not specify address or contact information for the author, it could also be a website created to spread fake news.
2. Check if there are other websites or news sources that publish the same news. If there is only one news source, it may be that the news is unreliable.
3. Observe the image by bringing that image to search from image search sites such as TinEye, Google Reverse Image Search, to know the source of the image, credibility or related to the news read
4. Check by bringing news titles or the content of the news to search in search results, users may find websites warning them that the news is fake. Or see the release date of the news that you may find that the news is real, but it was published in the past.
5. May consider asking for help from other people for consideration by inquiring on the web board or contact a reliable news agency to help verify

Process or Methods

Based on the concept laid out, the creator considers the meaning of the image for the work creation that will communicate and convey the story to the audiences towards work, bringing
Confused feelings, looking for what is true and what is an illusion, wherein the picture, the truth and the illusion overlap
Here, the creator chooses to use images of common people, both men and women that look good and represent life. That overlaps with the skeleton that represents death, which is the opposite overlapping. Another tool for viewing and interacting with the creator’s work is a blue and red transparent acrylic sheet for viewing. In principle, when looking through a blue acrylic sheet at the work, the blue part in the picture will be invisible, leaving the part of the picture in another color. Same as, Red acrylic to see work, the red portion of the image will be rendered invisible, leaving the portion of the image in the other color. Here, the colored acrylic sheet that looks through the work will be like a tool for examining truth and lies.

Techniques and materials

From this concept, the creator takes Photos & Retouching technique that could be respond such concept.

Size or Mins.

1. REAL or FAKE No.1 : 60 cm. X 120 cm.
1. REAL or FAKE No.2 : 60 cm. X 120 cm.