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The Evolution of Classic Values at a Moment of Flux

The Evolution of Classic Values at a Moment of Flux

Yiying Du


Inthisprojectaseriesofstudiesandexperimentswereperformed to explore the approaches to connect traditional regional culture in my hometown to modern lifestyle. Design researches were carried out to understand individual interests in culture as well as relevant products, and figure out the current problems existing in the market. The result shows that lack of creativity, universality, adaption, function and resonance decreases individual preference on culture and its relevant products. Based on the study of four representative cultural heritages, cultural values were converted into design concept and via material and technique experiments, the application of ethnical craftsmanship such as tie- dye to contemporary design practice was explored. A collection of products for houseware and home décor were designed to integrate modern design with traditional local culture.


Via research and experiment, this work explores the possibility of applying traditional folk culture into contemporary design including both the cultural concepts and craftsmanship. According to the design research, lack of creativity, universality, adaption, function and resonance is the common problem of current culture-related products. The concept of design is proposed based on the study of representative local heritages and comprehensive understanding of the values behind them. Material and technique experiments enable the conceptual transition of regional craftsmanship such as tie-dye to modern design practice and the study of new approaches in ceramic making. Overall, the work focuses on the folk culture of my hometown, aiming at connecting it to everyday life and investigating the possible methods to conduct traditional folk craftsmanship out of its original or historical context and endow it with new purpose and application which can enable it to fit in modern lifestyle.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

This project aims at providing a possible direction to combine traditional culture into modern lifestyle, designing a collection of products that functions in everyday life, conveys cultural values in a creative way, reinterprets folk craftsmanship and fulfills people’s demands to combine contemporary aesthetics with classic legacy.

Process or Methods

Based on a survey and interview to figure out individual interests and knowledge on culture, an investigation on the current culture-related market, as well as a study on local cultural heritages, the design process starts from a series of experiments on materials and techniques through which I set my main material as clay and intended to apply tie-dye into ceramics. Texture experiments were carried out to convert traditional tie methods used in local tie-dye into the making process of clay and firing experiment were conducted to convert dyeing process in tie-dye into modern ceramics. Design concept was built on the basis of values in folk culture and discussed the fluidity between ‘man-made’ and ‘natural’.

Techniques and materials

Main materials used in the design include clay, fresh leaves and metal foils. Traditional folk craftsmanship such as tie-dye, pattern printing and firing of metal foils was experimented together with ceramics in the design process.

Size or Mins.

Photos (2-5 images) : 5×7

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