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Ozoneair Purify

Ozoneair Purify

Mr. Miquel Padres Gonzalez


Ozoneair Purify is a unique air purifier that includes ozone technology and provides a disruptive experience in the air purifier market by offering a product with 3 cleaning modes. The regular mode operates by combining HEPA filtration with Ion technology and is aimed for home use. The ozone mode works with photocatalysis and direct radiation and is aimed at both commercial and home use. This mode is designed to clean spaces to the root of the problem by eliminating mold, bacteria, and virus accumulated in surfaces such as walls and carpets. This mode must be after the user has vacated the space as the cleaning agents are very strong. The last mode is a hybrid mode that can be used anytime and provides advanced cleaning features compared to regular air purifiers.

The minimalistic concept design provides a timeless look and feel which removes all necessary functions from the view of the user. The design is achieved without screws or mechanisms that open the compartments to the HEPA filter and UV light bulbs. In addition, the concept is made to be either standing on a counter or wall-mounted.

The product’s formal language is created according to the hardware structure which stacks HEPA filter, fan, and UV light bulbs strategically to provide only component space optimization but also the best product efficiency. The backside air intake brings the airflow through the HEPA, it is then conducted

through the side UV light bulbs of the product ad finally aired out through the front reticular output. This component disposition is designed to allow the best air purifying results.

With this in mind, we can say positively say that formal language is defined by the function of the product. Additionally, every feature from the wall mounting to the HEPA and bulb opening compartments as well as the interface which can be controlled with a minimalistic remote are aimed to provide a simple and intuitive user experience.

Last, the design was also conceptualized to align with the brand’s design language and build upon the brand’s portfolio consistently.


The product is timelessly designed to fit any home or commercial environment. The simplistic formal language as well as the use of only the necessary functional features gives a very neutral presence to the product which can very well blend in any space without unnecessary distractions. The product is designed to be an addition to your home or commercial space experience which provides a direct benefit to the user and goes unnoticed as another day-to-day product.

Every single detail of the product functionality including the cosmetic appearance which is led by that function is aimed to provide an intuitive, easy and simple user experience. This logical pattern is part of the understanding of the basis of product design and therefore a reflection of human conduct. As humans, our goal is to create products that make our life’s easier and this product aims to send the message across to whoever interacts with it.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

As mentioned earlier a key to the design strategy was to generate a concept that would build consistency on Ozoneair’s product portfolio and help differentiate as a consumer product with lifestyle orientation compared to the range of Clean ozone generators the brand has (

This new product was aimed to satisfy a totally different user persona. This profile of users seeks a product that can eradicate viruses and bacteria from a home environment on a continuous basis as well as in punctual situations. With that in mind, the product offers the functions of a regular ozone generator which fills the space with ozone and works as a deep cleaning agent as well as the functions of an air purifier which keeps the air clear consistently. The main difference between the 2 functions is that the user cannot be in the room when the product is used in ozone more vs the air purifier mode which can be left on permanently. In addition, a hybrid sterilization mode that blends both modes is available too.

Process or Methods

The cosmetic appearance of the product is aimed to satisfy both internal engineering development and user. The internal component assembly is designed to provide the most efficient results so the users can enjoy of the cleanest air. Despite the complexity of the inner structure, the concept is achieved by hiding all unnecessary functional aspects like screws and snapping or opening mechanisms. For example, the stand can be removed by snapping it out. The lightbulbs compartments also do not show any screws and the HEPA can be changed by pulling the logo tag from the backside of the product.

The product user interface design as well as all possible features are carefully created to ease the product use.

Additionally, the concept is aimed to fit in multiple environments from both the neutrality of the look and feel to the material selection which is sturdy and strong enough to stand and last in rough and commercial environments.

The design language follows the identity of the brand from the mesh patterns to the color selection to the buttons and fixation details from the stand.

The product is designed to satisfy multiple purpose. The 3 models it comes on have different capacities which serve from cleaning device for large spaces such as office spaces, retail spaces and hospitality to smaller home-use capacities. The product is designed to be able to stand alone or hang on the wall. The removable stand enhances the sophisticated values of the product and adds cosmetic value as it prominently elevates it from the floor and keeps an elegant space clearance around the main product body structure. If hanged the product can very much blend with any environment as it is provided in white and black neutral colors.

Techniques and materials

The innovation factor on this product is generated after an extensive market and technology research where we tried to identify user needs and provide a unique disruptive product in the market which could satisfy several user profiles from regular air purifier buyers to users looking for absolute clean experiences that go to the root (i.e.: user with asthma, allergies, etc) all the way to the user of commercial spaces (hotel owners, restaurants, condominiums, etc). The technological research allowed us to define the product’s technological features which are unique in its market segment. Making it the only available product that provides an air purifier and ozone generator hybrid experience.This market disruption and the extensive consumer audience that the product targets to makes it a very unique piece that can provide a solution to all looking for the latest technology in air purification.Part of the research and development process was also put up to speed during the pandemic as we could see a clear growth on the necessity of coexisting in clean air environments.

The product’s technological features are unique in its market segment. Making it the only available product that provides an air purifier and ozone generator hybrid experience. This is achieved by combining the 4 technologies below:

Photocatalysis A chemical reaction occurs where electromagnetic radiation in the ultraviolet region activates a catalyst. When the UV light activates the catalyst, it generates hydroxyl radicals which eliminate bacteria, viruses, and mold, spores, reduces volatile chemical gases, and neutralize bad odors.

HEPA filter A HEPA filter is a high-efficiency particulate absorbent air filter; it works by forcing air through a fine mesh that traps harmful particles such as pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and tobacco smoke.

Ion Ions play an important role in the atmosphere’s self-purifying processes, and by increasing the number of ions in the indoor air, one strives to create similar purifying mechanisms indoors. Small, charged particles are clumped together by electrostatic forces into larger particles. When the clustered particles no longer can be kept airborne, they fall to the floor and other horizontal surfaces and can then easily be cleaned away.

Direct radiation When airborne microorganisms pass through UV light in a specific spectrum the UV energy penetrates the outer.

Size or Mins.


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