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Immersive Healing in Virtual Reality

Immersive Healing in Virtual Reality

Wongsakorn Kanchanapathum


In the present day, technology has deeply integrated into our everyday lives and has many advantages and disadvantages too. The author wishes to take the positive side of easily available and affordable technologies and apply them to people with the same symptom with which the researcher is faced. That is, the symptom is connected to a form of severe anxiety disorder as well as stress of people caused by modern work life affecting their mental health. The researcher has found possibilities of using virtual reality (VR) as a tool to help heal people the stress and to help those suffering from severe anxiety disorders to heal themselves such as PTSD or AUTISM. The medical fraternity is already applying advanced versions of VR to this end, but the aim of this project is to reach out to everyday lives of people and allow them the satisfaction to develop customizable solutions to suit their needs. This technology is used in the medicine, but it is not as widely used as the gaming industry, movies and animation


This project was to let the players understand the feelings of the mental disorder group through interpreting objects and spaces within the virtual world, more or less depending on the player. In addition, it is also to heal the player in terms of understanding and empathy that they really feel this way. Because this group of people deserves the right treatment. People who already understand they may become even more accessible. Those who never understand may become more aware. The interpretation also depends on the person’s accessibility.
For the user who is mental disorder. This project will heal with colour therapy. It composes of various colours that have different tone. Colour therapy gives users positive feelings such as encouragement, relaxation, and enthusiasm.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

1. Allows the users to explore the experience, environment, and atmosphere to the world of people with abnormal mental states

2. Understand their thoughts through interpretations that use the space and shape of things as meaningful objects.

3. Heal users with understanding and empathy to a group of people with an abnormal mind to perform properly.

Process or Methods

VR Virtual Reality is one of the most talked-about technology trends in recent times. Although it is not a new technology it has attracted attention because now it seems that the technology has entered a phase where it can be used. However, accessing VR technology is not easy as the devices are expensive and they are not necessary for everyday life.
Therapy such as group therapy reducing stress and anxiety also started to turn their attention to VR Therapy, but with not enough trials in the control group, it is still impossible to conclude how effective VR therapy is.

Colours are all around us. Colour therapy uses these powers of colour to heal, energize, and soothe us. Colour therapy is an alternative therapy that uses colours and their frequencies to heal physical and emotional problems within the human body. Colour therapy is also known as chromopathy, chromotherapy, or colour healing. The goal of colour therapy is to correct physiological and psychological imbalances in the human body.

Movie Therapy affect many of us powerfully because the combined impact of images, music, dialogue, lighting, sound, and special effects can elicit deep feelings and help us reflect on our lives. They can help us to better understand our own lives, the lives of those around us, and even how our society and culture operate.
To design the movie therapy, the author was inspired by two movies namely, Avatar which is about adventure and explore in alien planet, Alice in wonderland is about the story of a young girl named Alice, who plunges into a rabbit hole and enters an underground fantasy world full of bizarre human-like creatures. It’s a movie that has a storyline based on a novel.
From the starting spawn point. Users can have three alternative choices for their exploration. The colour of the sea, with its dark and pale stripes, is the scar that is deeply embedded in the flow of thoughts and minds that will never heal.

In terms of colour therapy:
Orange colour signifies abundance, pleasure, well-being, and sexuality. Orange may be used to stimulate different organs in the human body for physical healing. It revitalizes you and gives you increased mental energy. It can increase your feeling of connectedness between your mind and body. (Galyen, 2020)

Techniques and materials

1 Study the Virtual Reality Program (VR)
2 Study the theory of colour therapy and medical-related psychology. A set of colours are selected to represent the subconscious part of people.
3 Make a VR treatment using the Unity program inspired by a set of movies, Avatar and Alice in wonderland.
Internally, various factors such as colours and objects were used to get more immersive and understanding. Moreover, some the principles of medical-related psychology were incorporated to aim the healing a target group.

Size or Mins.

Example scene from Avatar movie Source:
Example scene from Alice in wonderland movie
Example scene from Uncharted 3 (Game) Source:
Rage stream that use green red and orange colours
Mushroom valley that uses green, yellow, and red colours
Map overview

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