Painting to Virtual Reality


Painting to Virtual Reality

Debbi Saccomanno Chan / USA


my last years before deciding to buy an Oculus/Rift were spent submerged in Chinese in art and culture. I wanted my Traditional Chinese style to be a signature style so I began painting in free style and gong bi or detail on the same painting and I expanded my subjects to almost anything.


From creating this work of art Make the artist realize the importance of the environment and the viewpoint of living as a human being only part of the world. Caring for wildlife, air, water and environment.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

Getting into storytelling and painting in jumbo albums and scrolls was what I spent my time working until one Christmas about 4 years ago I managed to buy an Oculus/Rift and gaming computer. I was hooked. 10 plus hours a day. But the Chinese traditional style stayed only now it was in virtual reality.

Process or Methods

I have continued to follow the same Canons and teachings of my traditional painting on silk or rice paper but now I am closer to the Chinese perspective of having the viewer in the painting instead of looking in. VR is perfect for this. I can make use of my deep relief carving so that I am almost carving my VR paintings.

Techniques and materials

Virtual Reality Painting on Oculus Quill. I paint using the Quill App and there is nothing really fancy. I generally use one brush and one layer just as I would on my traditional. I blend color or apply it on top of each other as I would on a gong bi painting on finished rice paper. I use my training in deep relief carving as well so that I am carving the painting.

Size or Mins.

• Size or Mins. 1920 x 1080 (See Videos)
• Photos : Chinese Landscape

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