Ms.Thidarat Boonrak


I was inspired by human relationships in the beginning of different forms of relationships, such as friend, lover, family, and theories of the law of attraction in human relationships.

“People with similar thinking preferences will be attracted to each other,” as the gravitational line connects. Tie and tie them together.


This work, I present the human relations through the lines formed by embroidery.

The lines that form the co-ordinated structures of hands.

Showing different types of relationships.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

I created lines to represent the law of attraction in human relationships that are connected and connected.

The lines come from many directions and form the contours of the hands to represent emotions.

Human desire.

Process or Methods

In this work, I created the structure of the hand coordination in various forms and used the technique of embroidering threads on canvas by forming a free-form thread.

Overlapping in layers until a dimension is formed in the work.

Techniques and materials

Thread Embroidering on canvas

Size or Mins.

35×75 cm


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