The legend of Himmapan


The legend of Himmapan

Assist.Prof. Sutat Palama


Year 1888, Phayalithai of Sukhothai studied the story of the triphum and wrote the book Triphumkatha Tell the story of cosmology. The birth of the world and living things in the Himmapan land according to ancient concepts. Himmapan land is home to many small and large animals. Types of living things are divided into groups such as poultry, aquatic and terrestrial animals. In the middle of Himmapan forest There are pillars to support the world. Under the pole there was a big fish.

Its name is “Anon fish”.

From ancient beliefs have been interpreted and rearranged. To have modern content suitable for the readers. The illustration design depicts lifestyle and habitats. To describe the content and create imagination for the readers.


Researching information from the Tri Phumkatha textbooks. Research Animal lifestyle From the documentary national geographic to use to design illustrations for the Himmapan legend book.

Emphasize the use of artistic elements. Color and light are used to convey mood and temperature.

Value in creating distance and mass for create imagery that will make the reader get more enjoyment in reading.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

Illustration set of Himmapan legends showing the way of life of animals.

And the habitats of the lands at the edge of the world are beautiful, imaginative, inspiring and well described.

This resulted in the book being awarded by the National Book Contest.

Process or Methods

1. Study information from documents and learning to use as a design guideline.
2. Sketch and clean up line art.
3. I painted this sketch in monochrome focus the values.
4. I start adding in color through different layer types. Sometimes color layers or even overlay layers is usually how I get the base colors down. Rendering light ,shade ,shadow.
5. The final detailing and overlay texture.

Techniques and materials

Illustration digital painting

Size or Mins.

24 x 48 cm, 48 x 24 cm, 24 x 30 cm and 24 x 24 cm.


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