Daydreaming (Pressure)


Daydreaming (Pressure)

Mr. Thitipong Nueangpim


I was inspired by the physical characteristics of soft objects. Which when the object is
being acted upon by force The object’s shape also responds by collapsing. In addition, there was an inflation in the opposite direction from inspiration, thus creating a working idea.

By adopting the expressive characteristics of objects which have a concrete nature used to communicate abstract emotions.


I try to use the artistic process to portray the concrete thoughts or feelings that arise within myself. By linking various feelings with respect to the phenomena that happened with the outside world (Especially objects – things).

Two main benefits of the study were 1) it led me to comprehend my own personal thought with reasons and 2) Allowing me to express things that are difficult to understand to be able to experience more concrete.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

I applied the action between force and reaction force in the design of sculptures,
emphasizing positive and negative volumes.

The surface is smooth, taut and wrinkled. To
show a picture of tension and pressure Which is one of the many senses that can arise in
human beings.

Process or Methods

In this work, I created an object shape that was inflating sideways. Which is caused by pressure in the middle. In the middle part is a picture of a person lying face down.

By emphasizing the hair back spreading out, and some corners of the ears and chin. I chose to use only the head to highlight the contours of the supported objects.

In this regard, a sensation of relaxation is felt through the swollen volume of the object.

In the opposite view, a deep groove can be seen.

The empty space depicts both hands crumpled onto the pillow.

Create images that evoke the feelings of stress, pressure and confusion of the owners of these hands.

Techniques and materials


Size or Mins.

54 x 75 x 34 CM.


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