Mr. Akarapon Kritruenonwong


The Thai ornament grid is one of the fundamentals of Thai art. Studying the Thai ornament grid, in the last time be used to produce a typeface design in 2D design, has led to the research of the Thai ornament grid’s use in the construction of the 3D design, with the objective of discovering new methods to combine Thai art wisdom with contemporary design.
The subject of this work is a depiction of “Wiman,” which is regarded as an ideal location. The purpose of this project is to use a Thai ornament grid with a 3D design in a 3D digital world. to develop designs that are both spatial design and graphic design.


The Thai ornament grid may be used to produce 3D design as well as graphic designs. This will lead to the development of design principles for 3D objects such as furniture and Product.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

Study and use the Thai ornament grid to create a contemporary design in the form of 3D design, extending traditional knowledge.

Process or Methods

 1. Research and development of a typeface design based on a Thai ornament grid in three dimensions
2. Convert 2D sketches into 3D models
3. Use a 3D design application to experiment with and refine the design.
4. Design summary for the presentation of design.

Techniques and materials

3 Dimensional Design and Video

Size or Mins.

Visual Communication Design · Film & Video · Digital art · Illustration
VDO loop 45 second / 8 Digital Images


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