Look !


Look !

Mr. Bundit Niamsup


It’s become routine, surrounding our every day life whatever we look, we see or walk through days after days. Nowadays the world is turning faster, Human’s mind expose to the happening around us. But, we just “LOOK THROUGH” only.
Look! our subconscious remind us to say, Stop and Look at somethings, like in front of us, close our eyes for a few minutes, hold off to all confusions and chaos for a moment and contemplate of thought of what we looking at.
Set of photos “LOOK”. It’s not somethings that beyond extraordinary for human acknowledge and imaginations in everyday life. Absorb the beauty that facing you, but just not let it passed by.


“ LOOK “ show familiar images of live life in the big city. It could has happened to us in everyday even minutes. Sometimes, you should just stop for a moment, look through, absorb and contemplate. New ideas might miraculous occurs at that particular moment!

Objectives Aims or Purposes

1. To remind of what happen, every days every moments. Seeing things and acknowledge of meaning and appreciated.
2. Record impression of those beautiful memory images photos.

Process or Methods

Explore and capture a beautiful places, streets, or alleyways by taking photos of people’s way of life or architectural surrounding around Ratanakosin island.

Techniques and materials

Present a set of photos, by print them out images on canvas with wooden frame.

Size or Mins.

Photography & Mix media A1, ( 594 x 841 mm.)


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