Stray cat – Adopt cat


Stray cat – Adopt cat

Assist. Prof. Lojana Manodhaya


In the world of stray animals such as cats, they are often shunned by people even though their actions are a matter of normal instincts of living things such as eating, sleeping, reproduction and excretion.
Some people hate it so much. They torture them by tying them into sacks and leaving them to die alive or deliberately hurt to death by poisoning or even filming a video of the killing in order to exchange bitcoins, that nowadays it has appeared in the news.
However, there are still a number of people in the world who have given mercy to the poor stray cats for them to eat. There is a warm home as if it has been re-lived.


Stray cat – Adopt cat has a content to reflect the poor life of stray cats as a common life as being living in the world to make people and society aware of them. in terms of cat shape has used the shape of a cat in a cartoon style, Art toy or Designer toy, divided into 2 sides.
On the right is a stray cat that has to struggle to live on its own and being attacked by animals together or being tortured by human hands. The shape of a serious wound was used. and the use of gray which conveys the gloom
The left part represents the adopted cat. It is a cat who is happy because it receives human kindness. The colors used are therefore brighter than the other side.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

To reflect the perspective of the life of stray cats as a living being in the world, come as an idea to create an art toy style or designer toy with paper clay and fondant materials.

Process or Methods

Gather information about the life of the cat from the entire section of the website and from direct experience of being adopted by their own stray cats. Including news about harming stray cats as an idea to create a draft. There is a process of using artistic elements and colors to convey emotion to the work. Then enter the creative process.

Techniques and materials

1. Mixed media techniques in the style of Art toy or Designer toy
2. Paper clay and fondant material

Size or Mins.

Mix media 39 x 26 cm.


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