Globe Bleaching


Globe Bleaching

Ms. Darunee Pungwongyat


In the present natural environment more have a tendency to be destroyed. As a result of the destruction of the natural environment, it affects humans and living things.

Causing the problem of climate variability disasters tend to be more severe air pollution extends more and more.

From changes in the environment as a result, the coral was left with a white limestone structure, becoming a source of “Coral bleaching” Corals are organisms that cannot grow alone corals obtain a portion of their nutrients from algae. It is an organism that is in a mutualism.

Like humans, humans are compared for existence. The good or bad quality of life for humans and living things depends on the health of the environment.

When the environment changes, humans are affected human beings are now being perceived by nature to take back the actions of humans that do not preserve nature.

It is like nature is bleaching human beings.

But if humans work together to preserve nature Nature will return fertility to mankind.
Therefore, the artist creates works of art.

To convey the worsening of natural changes that affect humans and living things. Reveals a loss of vitality and fertility.


From creating this work of art Make the artist realize the importance of the environment and the viewpoint of living as a human being only part of the world.

Caring for wildlife, air, water and environment.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

So that human beings pay attention to nature, look at the coexistence between humans and the environment.

Process or Methods

– Define the concept and design movement.
– Creating 3D Modeling in Autodesk Maya 2018.
– Creating texture, Lighting and Rendering the Scene using Redshift Renderer.
– Rendered image for additional mood and tone with Adobe After Effects CC 2018.

Techniques and materials

Computer Generated Photo

Size or Mins.

digital art Movie 40 second


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