Improvisation Transform 4


Improvisation Transform 4

Assist.Prof Chuchai Assawaarekun


By the influence of the autonomous and improvisation thinking methods of surrealism and postmodern concepts that gives artists freedom of thought and creativity to create a new world in Arts that is beyond the framework of a familiar image to create new imagery that never existed lead to the creation of new art styles that follow modern art.
I have experiment the methods mentioned to apply in creating works. Which is based on Thai traditional art brought through the creative process by free. In order to create a new image or new style as far as possible.


Improvisation by unpredictability. It may be a good or bad result, but a lot of freedom in the creative, freedom to trial and error in the creativity. This is an important feature that exists in the creation of art In all ages especially in contemporary art.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

Controlling people’s behavior through space design is a sub-element of the relationship with in the structural power. It has an ingenious design device that fits seamlessly into everyday life. The motion was controlled from the central hub of power pressed against the top plane from the bottom.

Besides, it also has characteristics that can be moved horizontally.

The executors can be both power users and those under control. The work of “Rhythmic activities” was the result of looking at the structure of power in a horizontal manner by exposing the structure of the spaces through a wide-angle rotation of the plane. From the point of view located in the center of the slaughterhouse area which consisted of many closed units, the complexity that had been allocated proportionally and assembled to become a large structure.

The usefulness arising from the design of the area, there will be activities that control the body movements to move on accordingly and the time will control the activities to proceed on continuously.

The process taking place in the abattoir area reflected “Structural Power” hidden in space design as it is a power that has a horizontal nature.

By the relationship of the elements under the slaughterhouse that consisted of spaces, activities, time, and bodies.

These elements control the organization of the bodies to keep moving repeatedly and regularly as if it were rhythmic activities and that the melodies harmonize the bodies to move effectively.

Process or Methods

1. Take pictures of traditional Arts.
2. Then try to change the format by using the program to decorate with computer. Photo
editing with a variety of techniques, free up familiarity (based on the concept of automatic Painting) to look for new, contemporary, yet still some old mystic feelings are hidden in the picture.
3. When taking some pictures from a live experiment, I can select some interesting
images to display.

Techniques and materials

Computer Generated Photo

Size or Mins.

Digital art approximately 25” x 33”


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