The animation adventure, the little child with the villain.


The animation adventure, the little child with the villain.

Ms. Hathaichanok Chiengthong.


Omission by a parent, caregiver or other adult that results in harm, potential for harm, or the threat of harm to a child even if the harm is unintentional. Child sexual abuse is extensive compared to other forms of abuse, because weak children are unable to help themselves Therefore teaching children to be aware of the dangers of bad people is important


what a complicated and often difficult task it is. In regular situations this is already the case. In emergency situations – where levels of injury, physical violence, sexual violence, I know helping is difficult, but if we can start That can end up giving the child the ability to take care of himself and be consciously aware the dangers of bad people.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

Animation will enable children to learn the dangers. It conveys a complex matter Difficult to explain and make it easier to understand. I know that a time-limited, hourly session with a child will not guarantee his/her protection.

Careful assessment and support of and for family members and caregivers as well as liaison with community members, school personnel, court related personnel, and child welfare agencies increases the likelihood that the child will remain safe and promote healthy relationships with others.

Process or Methods

1. Sketching with pencil and Research
2. Make a model in Autodesk Maya Render

Techniques and materials

3D Animation HD (High Definition)

Size or Mins.

1280 x 720


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