Clean design

Clean + Fresh = HAPPINESS

Clean + Fresh = HAPPINESS

Mr. Sarun Sanpasiri


With the increase of environmental problems and city pollution around the world, there is some very basic way which helps to decrease those problems. Riding bicycle is an old traditional transportation style and it is fun! All of these depends on the vision of country and city campaign. Sarun Font is a typeface that harmonizes between Humanist, Geometric and Industrial Sans. This font was designed by Stawix Foundry, a Thai type design studio in honor to Mr. Sarun Sanpasiri as one of his early mentor who introduced him to the world of design.


A series of three posters, riding with clean, fresh air, no pollution is a happy gift for every life.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

To create a series of print media that reveals the happy life in different city and culture with less pollution, and urge people’s awareness of how to help the global environment with a simple way.

Process or Methods

1. Research and collect data about the environment problems and pollution
2. Thinking process and Brainstorm
3. Select the main topic to communicate
4. Sketch and Design
5. Take photograph
6. Create final artwork

Techniques and materials


Size or Mins.

16.5 x 23.4 inches / A2


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