Improvisation Tranform 3

Assist.Prof Chuchai Assawaarekun



By the influence of the autonomous and improvisation thinking methods of Surrealism and postmodern concepts that gives artists freedom of thought and creativity To create a new world in Arts that is beyond the framework of a familiar image To create new imagery that never existed Lead to the creation of new art styles that follow modern art

I have experiment the methods mentioned to apply in creating works. Which is based
on Thai traditional art Brought through the creative process by free. In order to create a new image or new style as far as possible.

Improvisation by unpredictability. It may be a good or bad result, but a lot of freedom in the creative , freedom to trial and error in the creativity. This is an important feature that exists in the creation of art In all ages especially in contemporary art.

Techniques and materials

Digital art

Size or Mins.

Approximately 25” x33”

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