Dr.Panot Susuwan


When they (Thai Phuan weaving group of Ban Thung Hong, Phrae Province) received a 100-inch length weaving from a government agency for improvements in revision of existing product.While they have never weaved a fabric of this width before. There is only knowledge that is passed down from old generation to generation.

Most of the camera as an observer, called Direct Cinema or Cinema Dante by Variety. Record of what happened during that time and Reality by asserting that the production will be minimal.Is straightforward. The skills of Reality Talk.

Although these people (Thai Phuan weaving group of Ban Thung Hong, Phrae Province) will encounter various problems. Related to100-inch length cotton weaving. They can overcome obstacles and difficulties, Even though it has never been done before. They have collaboration to weave a new 100-inch cotton in order to sacrifice offer to Her Royal Highness Pricess Maha Chakri Sirindhon13 March 2019

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1920×1080 25P TIME : 31.41 MIN

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