Precious Skull

Mr. Chinatip Tangsiripat



The gap of rich and poor is one of the biggest gaps that every person want to cross. In
the capitalism society, wealthiness and power are very tempted. When people consumed by their greed, they will be crumbling eventually

In this work, skull is the symbolic of fundamental person. Wherever the gold coin touch it, it will be consumed and spreading like as cancer. Once it completely change to gold skull, it will be breaking by their greed.

To illustrate that human can be consumed by greed. In the meantime, that person can be destroyed by their gluttony.

In this project, I develop 2 systems that transform clay skull to gold skull by calculate contact point and spread noise.

Techniques and materials

Digital arts

Size or Mins.

Full HD 1080p 30fps
18 Seconds

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