Battle at Mactan


Battle at Mactan

Philmore “Emot” Amodia


“The Battle of Mactan” The Battle of Mactan was fierce clash fought in the Philippines on April
27, 1521. The warriors of Lapu-Lapu, one of the Datus of Mactan, overpowered and defeated a
Spanish force fighting under the command of Protuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan, who


The Animation is to Pay tribute to the brave warrior called Lapu-Lapu and to continue to relive
the storied from the past, of people who changed the world, and teach the present to learn from
our past.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

In Celebration of the 500 years of the Victory of the Battle in Mactan, Philippines

Process or Methods

Animation is created using Adobe Animate (Character Animation), Photoshop (Digital
Backgrounds) and After Effects (Compositing and Effects)

Techniques and materials

we used all HUION Monitor tablets in creating the entire Animation.

Size or Mins.

7 minutes run time.

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