Nils Hansen


Flow No.1

Nils Hansen


Flowing curves and Flowing Lines. Volumes and Textures freely moving in circles. The
biomorphic sculpture is very desirable through its appealing material and its energy bound in


Flow No.1 is a sculpture mixing the ancient technique of bronze casting with state-of-the-art
21st century digital sculpting technology.It is a desirable art object through form and material,
through a harmony of lines while keeping an inherent tension

Objectives Aims or Purposes

The aim of the artist was to find a desirable and energetic composition in space. The objective
was to combine geometric lines with organic , biomorphic parts in a harmonic manner while
keeping a certain tension

Process or Methods

The Artist created many iterations of free flowing curves in space.
The profile which flows around the lines was also varied between the different iterations till a
satisfactory composition was found.
The concept was formed digitally through Pixologic ́s Zbrush Digital Sculpting Software.

Techniques and materials

Bronze with patina, wooden base

Size or Mins.

50cm(W) * 33cm(H) * 25cm (D)

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