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We clean everything in our lives—our clothes, our plates, ourselves. We’re concerned about pollution in our seas, forests, and cities. But the fact is we spend most of our time indoors. So it’s time to think about cleaning in a different way. Ozoneair provides cleaning technology inspired by nature.

We aim for brand cohesiveness on both storytelling and product design. By providing functional solutions that answer the buyer persona’s needs and to work as intended, Ozoneair project challenged the design thinking process of designers and innovators.

We looked at the competitive landscape, analyse the features and costs of the competitors’ products. From there, we were able to define a unique product positioning that goes in line with brand positioning (User-friendly, innovative, smart). Every single aspect of design including the features and user interface is aligned with the defined user’s needs and key drivers.

Ozoneair ensures you breathe with confidence and enhances your living quality. We are committed to bringing the most efficient cleaning solutions that clean and purify what surrounds you. Ozoneair is the perfect balance of design, technology and efficiency. Originated in Sweden means when designing the product we care about aesthetics and quality. We provide sophisticated Scandinavian design.

Most ozone generators are square-shaped because of the nature of the product being functional-led. The design stands out using a metal bending technique and softens the design with a round shape. The technology is intuitive and aimed to optimize the user experience. As a result, it is fully automatic: Ozoneair works on autopilot. All you have to do is specify the size of the surface you want to clean and tailor a treatment program with just the right time and intensity. It provides the most efficient result in the shortest period of time

Ozone air is a new technology derived from nature. It generates small thunders/sparks and releases Ozone into your room. It is a safe and natural process.

Almost unlimited use: Ozoneair PRO can be used for about 1000 treatments or the equivalent of 4000 hours of operation. Once the operating time is reached, it can easily be filled with special plates inserted from the underside of the product.

This project was a complete strategic revamp of the products and the overall brand image and communication. The objective was to appeal to a broader range of consumers. To do that, we aimed to create a relevant and aspirational brand that reinforces the design and innovation. This allows us to better targeting customers, which led us to define the brand strategy for each target group. The brand strategy was then translated into visual identity, website, and brand-driven product design. This creates consistency in branding and the overall product portfolio.

Techniques and materials

Product Design

Size or Mins.

29 x 20.5 x 30 cm 6.3 kg

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