La Fleur

Mrs. Lalita Seemontara



As a Textile design lecturer, I had the opportunity to be an assistant in the textile
workshop by Mrs. Geri Forkner (textile artist from USA) on felting, and that was my starting point for felting. The felting technique is well-known technique in Western countries. Since it is a technique that uses wool as a material for making art craft. It began to be used as a technique for craft enthusiasts in Thailand but not yet popular. Since the wool material is not yet able to be produced in the country, it still requires importing the material from foreign countries. Therefore the material is quite expensive.

The felting techniques comes in a variety of forms, both in 2D and 3D, depending on the
method. For this reason, it made me interested and want to experiment my art works with felting techniques.

The inspiration for my work is mostly the impressions from my journey. This time, due to
the impression of visiting the United States in the spring season where colorful flowers in the garden Therefore bring to be a form of creation in this work.

Caused by interest in felting techniques that are widely used among textile artists in Western countries. But in Thailand it is still known, not yet popular because the materials used are still expensive. I have to experiment on felting technique by myself via online media such as YouTube and apply it to suit the design of my works.

The purpose of this work is to transfer felting techniques to become more widely known in 

Thailand. I want to create art piece from felting by hand-made in 3D shape, created in the form of three handbags that are different in the look and color tones .

From the experimentation of working from wool with wet felting and needle felting techniques, all 3 pieces have been received, allowing designers to find the problem of creating patterns from paper to real materials. Sometimes it is impossible to control the forming of the art work as designed. With the factor of water temperature in felting and felting time. The results that are satisfactory to the designer at a good level.

Techniques and materials

Textile Design

Size or Mins.

No.1 33cm. x 27cm.

No.2 37cm. x 30cm.

No.3 36cm. x 35cm.

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