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The lotus flower, the queen of aquatic plants, is the symbol of Buddhism and representative of Buddhist’s spirituality. In Buddhism, lotus represents morality in humans, which can be compared to four types of lotus, ranging from the lotus above water, the lotus at the water surface, the underwater lotus to the lowest lotus under the mud. As the lotus remains its purity without any dirt despite its origin in the mud, the lotus can represent the beauty originated amongst filth. Compared to humans born with purity, those who live their life with greed, sinful mind and desire are like the lowest lotus that is blind to its purity.

In Buddhism, greed can be divided into 3 types, including greediness, hatred, and delusion. Greediness is the desire attached to human’s senses such as physicality, taste, scent and sound. Hatred involves the feeling of intense detestation that can cause disturbance, emotional break-out and violence. Delusion is the allure caused by human’s ignorance.

Inspired by human’s greed, a design concept highlights greediness and hatred. There are irregular lines, like a human mind that has not yet been refined from the Dharma. Comparing a human’s mind to the lotus, the pure shapes and details of the lotus are deformed, exaggerated and layered with various techniques in order to represent human’s greediness and hatred.


During the process of creating this piece made me look back at myself and hope to have an intangible power as the wind to be part of driving, mentoring, and guiding students’ work so that they can bring out their potential in some way.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

To develop a quasi-experimental of how to create patterns to give an outfit an interesting shape when exposed to the wind drive.

This project is based on a personal feeling about the way we creating various works. We do it with desire or we do it to be accepted and has works to be recognized by the general public.

When the world today focuses on self-advertising or creating an image that is conveyed through what we offer. rather than realizing our own actions. Is it necessary that whenever we do something? We have to let others know what we do. In some society appreciate people with good self-presentation skills than those who do not like to present themselves. Of course, no one is wrong or right to have a certain attitude or to like a particular person. But what I want to convey through this event is that we do not proclaim our actions doesn’t mean we didn’t do. What you never seen doesn’t mean it never happened.

That lead me to present this thought by comparing this to the “wind” which we cannot see but we can feel. Presenting through an apparel design which shape changes when the wind drives through it. by emphasizing the experimental pattern design that takes into account the structure that has both air trap and ventilation parts, as well as creating volume and use materials that are wind resistant in order to achieve the result is that when worn normally, the costume is in one shaped. But when the wind hits the wind will be trapped in the designated section. to form an inflatable shape and perceived that the wind is helping to change the shape. In this point, in my personal view, is to convey that we cannot see the wind, but the wind has a force that can change something. some things we don’t see doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Process or Methods

Created and developed a pattern to, make 2 sets of muslin prototypes at the university, Make1 actual outfit at the university. and the second outfit at home during work from home.

Techniques and materials

Black and navy blue water prove nylon
Pattern making techniques to adds volume and an elastic drawstring stitching to build up form.

Size or Mins.

Fashion Design


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