Face Shield

Due the recent COVID-19 pandemic outbreak that causes shortages in medical supplies for both medical personnel around the country and the public that do not have access to these supplies. Our good friend and printing supplier, Songpol Press had ask us to help donating the design of the face shield to be produced and distribute to the people and hospitals in rural areas throughout Thailand.

The face shield was designed for efficient logistics. It was made mostly out of paper, so it is light and can be used 1–2 times. Usually, face shields are plain and similar to each other, so we design both the structure and the graphics on the mask that are colorful to lift up the moods and cheer up hopes in the front field.

We use paper as the structure to reduce plastic waste. Along with the PET plastic for the window area that can be easily removed and very safe to use. The face shield design itself is user-oriented. We design a box to be placed on the forehead position by adopting the box folding method into the design. This makes it easy and quick for users to fold the forehead guard box and also improve the sturdiness of the face shield. The forehead guard box also giving the distance between the face and the shield just right for those who are wearing glasses and aren’t.

Moreover, this face shield design comes with graphics art that will inspire others to contribute by designing inspirational artworks to cheer up medical workers or supporting financially. Therefore, we believe that this design serves as one of the drives that push forward cooperations among people and community.

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