Mountain and tiger


Mountain and tiger

Tao Niu / China

The Changbai Mountains are the source of the Yalu, Songhua and Tumen rivers. It is the birthplace of Manchu and the holy mountain of Manchu culture. The word “changbai” in the Changbai Mountains also has a good meaning, that is, to keep the appearance, to the white head, represents people’s loyalty and happy love yearning and praise.

 Changbai Mountain is a national natural heritage site for its vertical vegetation landscape and volcanic landform landscape. Changbai Mountain and its tianchi, waterfalls, snow sculptures, forests, etc., have been selected by the guinness Book of World records, among which there are ten famous Mountains in China, five lakes in China, ten forests in China and so on. Changbai Mountain has outstanding universal value, outstanding natural quality and rich cultural connotation in ecology, biology, geology and history.

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