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Meric kara

İpad case/ felt set- a promotion line for architects, for VitrA(TR)

Felt set- a promotion line for architects, for VitrA(TR), 2014
The line includes:
– roll pencil case with sketch pencils
– iPad case coming with a notebook that has an iPad contour and a pencil to be replaced by a stylus if wanted
– sketch roll with a cutter and case

The pencil case: I was asked to design a roll pencil case with 5 sketch pencils for architects. The client specially didn’t want any extra space for anything else. While playing, this came out: the set looks complete with 5 pencils while hiding space in between, upside down, for extra pencils. For me, this is not a design easy to think about while sketching, sometimes it is the best to get the material in your hands and discover the potentials

The iPad case: being part of the felt line for architects, carry the same pencil detail as the pencil case, and it’s a bit hidden on the top side. The case comes with a notebook and a pencil; The notebook is designed having the iPad contour and the pencil can be replaced by a stylus if wanted. The case was sent to the selected architecture offices by post on special days

The sketch roll: being part of the felt line for architects, has a metal piece attached to it with an elastic band going through the center of the roll. Observing how the architects use a sketch roll and how they use a ruler or an edge of a table for a straight cut, this idea came up, a metal piece is adapted to the roll for tearing neatly. The metal piece also holds the end of the roll in place and prevents the roll from opening and getting damaged.

When the roll is finished, the metal piece can be taken out and used with a new roll. The sketch roll has a felt case that protects the roll and existing sketches.

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