Assist. Prof. Dr. SIEK Hwee Ling / Malaysia


Assist. Prof. Dr. SIEK Hwee Ling / Malaysia

Everything will be scattered to the wind

A design is a process of pursuing the unknown and inner harmony, with a specific outcome expected to satisfy an objective that can be functional, socio-political, aesthetic, or purely for commercial usage in doing promotion. Design is about improvements and making things and the lifestyle better. Due to this pandemic since 2020, we all human beings have to rethink that it is time for us to return to our original purity and have a simplicity of lifestyle.
Did we pause and think about whether we treat all other living things and nature sincerely, did we deal with them with our sincere minds?
Under this year theme “ Clear Design” I would like to call on the viewer to spend a minute to think about whether it is time for you to be back to the basics.

I have designed and painted three paintings by aquarelle as watercolor is a traditional medium which has been in use for many centuries, the flaw of art is created by hand, and it will not be perfect, just like our life, there is no turn back. These three paintings are in a sequence to reveal the three different levels of human beings: Soul & spirit, mind & heart, and body.
These three paintings when appearing in front of the viewer, however, each of the paintings will fade off gradually to show that we human beings if without thinking much about the future, appreciate and gratify what we have in our lives, all will be clean off.
The first painting is about soul & spirit. It was a buddha with a full-color background, as there will not be the second piece in this world that will have the same flaw, it symbolizes that we are indulging in a life of luxury and materialism, we need to control our mindset and have ethnical awareness.
The second painting is about the mind and heart. It was a little boy holding a fish, he was smiling and treating the fish as a pet, without thinking about whether the fish is able to live when away from the water; symbolizes that we are easy to have desires. we need to have the ability to manage and control and subtract our desires.
The third painting is about the physical body. It was a cyclist who started his day with the early morning sun. It symbolizes it is our responsibility to take care of our physical health. Health is an extremely precious treasure. Otherwise, it may bring physical and mental exhaustion and trigger various challenges in life.

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