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Yang Kuei-fei: a face that would make all flowers feel shameful

“>”>Yang Kuei-fei: a face that would make all flowers feel shameful

“>”>Asst.Prof. Lojana Manodhaya


Yang Kuei-fei, also known as “A face that would make all flowers feel shameful” was a woman born during the Tang Dynasty. She is regarded as one of the four most beautiful women in Chinese history. Yang Kuei-fei’s life was as riveting as a fairy tale, facing its heyday to its peak. But the end was tragic as she was forced to hang by Tang Xuan Zhong the Emperor, her most beloved consort. Many people from the past to the present have brought her biography to create a play. and movies that have been produced over and over again. Her beauty has also influenced and inspired many painters from many eras to the present day who have painted many of her pictures.

I am also one of the people who were so impressed with the story of Yang Kuei-fei that led me to be inspired to create a 3D work titled “Yang Kuei-fei: a face that would make all flowers feel shameful”. By studying biographical information from books and websites, women’s paintings and clothing styles of the Tang Dynasty were studied, including paintings that modern painters have drawn Then create a new one according to their imagination. By creating an image for Yang Kuei-fei to have the appearance of a dignified woman, wearing beautiful clothes standing among a rock garden decorated with pines, plum blossoms are in full bloom. On the ground was a pile of white snow all around.

Techniques used to create this work are sculpture and painting methods using paper clay as the main material, Thai clay, and synthetic materials such as foam, doll hair, artificial gold necklaces, artificial snow, and glass sand as components. Successful works that are complete, beautiful, and have artistic aesthetics as intended.


This work “Yang Kuei-fei: a face that would make all flowers feel shameful” presents the contents of Yang ‘ Kuei-fei‘s imagination that she is a beautiful woman. Her face was filled with happiness as she had received a lot of love from her husband. So her life was filled with dignity and fortune that flowed endlessly. But, tragically, she could not know her fate at the end of her life she had to flee from the rebels in horror until an unexpected end.

In terms of shape, use of color, and symbolic media because the content is about presenting Yang Kuei-fei’s image as imagined. Therefore, then made a picture of her in her youth, and has a beautiful smiling face. The clothes that were worn were bright red with gold patterns. The red color represents good luck and love. The magenta and gold, meanwhile, conveyed aristocracy and extravagance which suited her personality. The surrounding atmosphere represents winter. which despite the pine and the plum blossoms in full bloom stood among the white snow that symbolized strength. and longevity cannot escape destiny Therefore, in this work, a lot of curved lines are used. From the way Yang Guifei’s arms were placed, the flower branches, the pine branches, and the arrangement of the rocks, there was also a downward curve to convey the tragic events of the future.

As for the use of paper clay molding techniques, it can respond to creative works very well with features that are easy to shape. Able to fabricate work to be complex, delicate, and also able to paint over the work surface easily. They can also bring finished materials such as artificial gold necklaces. Or other synthetic materials such as doll hair, artificial snow, and glass sand can be decorated to add detail to the work.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

4.1 To present the image of Yang Kuei-fei who is regarded as one of the four beautiful women according to their imagination.

4.2 To develop creative works with paper clay by using sculptural methods to create shapes and paintings to convey emotion and realism.

Process or Methods

study and gather information and analysis articles from the book and webpage, involving Yang Kuei-fei on the biography, appearance, behavior, and dress characteristics of the Tang Dynasty to inspire the development of the idea of drafting. There is a process of using the composition, the use of colors, and the meaning of the colors. and the meaning of trees and flowers in the works Then enter the creative process

Techniques and materials

Technically, the sculptural method was used to create shapes. together with the method of painting to convey emotion and realism
Materials: Paper clay is used as the main material for creating works, foam, glass bottles, and wire are used to form structures; Thai clay is used for jewelry making. and made in the pine bonsai part The bonsai of the plum tree, plum blossom, doll hair, artificial gold necklace, artificial snow, and glass sand were also used to decorate the details.

Size or Mins.

34.5 x 50.5 x 54 cm.


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