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Islamic Art with image of Thai identity

Islamic Art with image of Thai identity

Dr.Danu Phumalee


The Qur’an never directly mentions the art. But it ever refers to the beauty which God
created. The essential of Al-Qur’an was related to the way of life and mind in good. The
Goodness was symbolized with all beauty and created things. Muslims were applying it to lead a
valuable life with intelligence and faith. Value, function, systematic and reason are priority for
Islamic designers to represent beauty within the mosques, to symbolize their life style.

The Muslim identity is represented by three main structures of design such as Arabesque,
Geometric Form and Arabic Calligraphy.

The main factors of Islamic art identity in Thai mosques include of image of Thainess, image of traditional ethnic identity of Asian Muslims in Thailand, image of conservative Islamic and Arab identities, image of Modern/Post Modern and Deconstruction art.

The elements of Thai mosques consist of the principles of Islam, related to the meaning of
Holy Qur’an in the mosques structure such as Unity, Respect, Knowledge, Balance, Modesty,
and Remembrance. The Muslim life and culture in Thailand, related to local material and the
process of traditional art and the sign recognition of all Muslims in the world, related to the rule of Islamic art.


Overall, the findings of this research reveal that Islamic art in Thai Mosques were built under the a lot of method according to the circumstance of society. Since the late Ayutthaya period to early Rattanakosin period, the Mosque was under the patronage from the government. Thai traditional art was selected during this period. Then the Muslims from around Thailand
immigrated to Bangkok and brought their local art and blended it to Thai style. After the end of
Islamic Empire in the Middle East, the Arabian styles have been evident to Thai Mosque. The last
is the way that Muslims maintain their identity with the adjustment design to the new world.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

– To study the graphic design process that can reflect the personality and identity of Thai
– To create a design direction that can enhance communication in visual communication design to reflect the identity of Muslims in Thailand.
– To develop graphic to reflect identity of Thai Muslim.

Process or Methods

This design research intends to identify the differences and similarities of Islamic art in Thai Mosques. Identify the concepts behind their image, what are the factors of their differences and similarities image, and how are they using the elements of Islamic art? The research methodologies are Thai Muslims with dynamic roles in Islamic culture were interviewed. In addition, a field survey a lot of mosques in Thailand. Data analysis was
based on the concepts behind their image by local lifestyle, culture, construction material and the characteristics of each period.

The Framework of this Design research was based on 2 keywords – Islamization: the principles of Islam, the beauty of God.
– Localization: the life and culture in Thailand, the environmental effect.

The elements of Thai Islamic Art consist of the principles .of Islam, related to the meaning of Holy Qur’an in the Islamic : Art nity, Respect, Knowledge, Balance, Modesty, and Remembrance.


Techniques and materials

Graphic / illustration and Digital print on canvas

Size or Mins.


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