Human Nature


Human Nature

Keawalee Warutkomain / Thailand

 This project is a long journey of collecting and sharing memories about relationship of Human and Nature. The two dashes in-between Human and Nature represents an equation of ‘relationship’, as there are two agents, both side has their own answer how to respond to one another. Challenging with the ‘human-nature’ as we know. With Deep Ecology, one recognise the inherent value of all living beings. A deep questioning that reconnect one with nature, whether it’s small or big, in the city or the countryside. Asking one to stop, observe and re-evaluate how a small act in everyday life could make a great impact to ecosystem.


1. To create a sharing session of deep listening experience where audience can be embraced in visual and
sound of various ‘connecting to nature’ memories that might awake their owns.
2. To raise awareness about ‘sustainability’ and how human and nature impact each other
3. To break biases: not judging a book by its cover. Everybody is ‘a human book’, full of inspiring memories.

Process Or Methods

Currently in a research phrase, collecting data with interview.

A collaborative documentary with various visual artists and sound designers, exploring interrelationship of sound and visual, using ‘devised theatre’ approach in creative collaboration. The structure will emphasise the experience of ‘talking stick’ and ‘deep listening’, one story end and the next one came in their own pacing.

This audio soundscape by Wardphan Diloksamphan is one of the possibility we are exploring, a kind of floating concept teaser for what the project might evolve into with an abstract visual that encourage audiences to fill the gab in their heads. This selective subject shared her moment of reconnecting with nature through meditative sounds during her time in hospital.

Human_Nature will be a long artistic-based research project that I will gradually form a team and build up a platform to share parts of interview text that are inspiring, focusing on Thais with various backgrounds. After getting a handful of interview materials, I and my sound design partner will make a script and start collaborating with other artists emphasising on letting them express their ‘impression’, as minimal as possible to still leave a room for audience to sink in their minds.


The idea came to me after joining a sharing session of a BA Creative Textile class under a ‘sustainability’ topic. Leaded by Kamonnart Ongwandee, an aspiring fashion and textile designer with a passion to solve social issues with sustainability principles, she asked the two questions; ‘Any experience that you feel connected with nature the most?’ and ‘How do you define ‘Sustainability’?’; then everybody took their turn to share their stories, including me. The process of sharing and deep listening are both crucial and very awaken those hidden memories one might have with nature. I would like to share and expand this experience with other people, with a believe that it could ignite a new ‘perspective’ of Human connection
to nature and why sustainability is important.

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