The Celebration of Life


The Celebration of Life

Michael Tan / Singapore

┬áThe people of Singapore’s Central Business District (CBD) inhabits the concrete jungle of high rise commercial buildings as they go through a mundane cycle in their day to day living. These tall and lifeless structures were only meant to serve earthly transactions so that office workers can earn a living to keep themselves going. At the same time, people are dying every minute and wondering of how and where they should depart. The Marina Bay Financial centre is located along Marina Boulevard and Central Boulevard and is one of the crucial developments for economical growth. However, it will now make way for the dying to colonize its structure.
Hence, a new spatial typology where time becomes insignificant for the dying as they phase into connecting with the people and things which reminds them what the meaning of life is as well as the
essence of the self.

In this spatial order, death is no longer seen as something morbid but a celebration of Life. This parallels with the celebration of new life to this concrete skyscraper with a renewed purpose and punctuating the sky line with pockets of green lungs.

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