Dr Siek Hwee Ling

Lecturer, Sunway University ,Malaysia School of Arts, Department of Art & Design

As Maslow’s Hierarchy describes the layers of human needs, the philosophy of art can likewise be organized into levels of philosophical awareness, From mere survival to the pursuit of living well to ultimately the meaning of life, with the highest dimension of Know-how for designing condensed into the simplest terms. This design philosophy is practiced by Perline and researchers of Design & Cultural Innovation studio, NTNT, Taiwan

View panoramic images in 360 panorama
(You can watch with VR camera, or move your smartphone device to explore the video)

Perline Siek’s presented her series of 2D watercolour paintings blend from one piece to another continuously, with two buffalos and lotus are set around the base, and the sky set as the top of the panorama to create a seamless effect, the 360° panorama captures the entire painting.

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