Henri Schoots


Desire can lead to love and love can lead to pain, through pain we grow and hopefully become better people. Maybe I will manage to capture some of that one day. For now this is as far as I have gotten.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

The artist tries to express feelings of pureness, detachment, desire and self-loathing, desire, repulsion and the search for compatibility through a free flow of form and color. He uses virtual reality tools as an extension of the self – creating uniquely organic and emotive pieces through this intuitive new technology.

Process or Methods

Technology is Art, and Art is Technology and allows for a free flow state without expectations, preconceptions of what the piece should be, only expression perchance to create something with the uniqueness of the self. Free from constraints like gravity, material, space limitation…. Crystalized emotions made of light. 

Techniques and materials

Digital artwork sculpted in Adobe Medium using an Oculus Quest

Size or Mins.

4k resolution

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