Lee Milner


Giant’s Valley, The Last Vacation, The Attack of the urns!,
The Long Journey Home, Run for your life

Lee Milner


1. Giant’s Valley
An ongoing series of images, following the ‘Wanderer’ as He navigates a strange world unlike ours. He’s an explorer that has to overcome many hurdles along His journey. This image is when He first sets eyes on the Giant in an opening in the jungle. What next?

2. The Last Vacation
A second look at the image shows a more sinister side. To the right of the illustration, you can see a wolf in waiting. The family are on vacation in the cabin, which looks to be surrounded by nothing but wilderness. As the title suggests, this may not be as relaxing as you first think!

3. The Attack of the urns!
Artwork for a computer game intro. The Urns that contain souls of the dead, suddenly turn on their family and the chaos ensues. The game and artwork were both created in PlayStation’s Dreams game.

4. The Long Journey Home
This image shows the pilot seeing His home planet for the first time in years as They have been off exploring other worlds. Still a long journey to go!

5. Run for your life
This image is a game concept idea I had about a side scroller level, where you need to escape various creatures while jumping obstacles and avoiding traps.


The artworks prove that art can be created with almost every tool. The illustrations were created
using a games console. Game art and concept art is usually created using traditional tools and
applications, but to create it using a game in itself is truly inspiring.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

To create a feeling of mystery and storytelling form single images. The hope here is to create
more questions than answers. Let the viewer fill in the story for themselves.

Process or Methods

Using elements of VR and move controllers, the image is created using Media Molecule’s
software ‘Dreams’.

Techniques and materials

Digital Illustrations using a PlayStation and Move controllers.

Size or Mins.

68cm(W) x 38 cm(H)

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