La Min Khin


Mobile application 3D AR coloring Book

La Min Khin / Myanmar


In the era of technology, most of our traditions, cultures are fading along with modern
Hidden Culture: magic coloring book is the culture based technology product. Fusing
Myanmar traditional toys with Augmented Reality (AR) technology to bring back culture to
modern days.
Being able to create an entertaining and educational books not only requires a visually
stimulating content but also means for the children and students to interact, create, and express
Inside the product, we present a new type of mixed-reality book experience, which
augments an educational coloring book with user-generated three dimensional content. This
changes the appearance of the book content from normal coloring book.
Users can color the pages of the book, while scanning the pages with installed mobile
application, the system recognizes each pages and the various color used by the users, and
directly maps the colored end results to virtual pop-up 3D models and scenes.

The package contain not just an AR Coloring book but also comes together with well-
packed color pencils and extra stickers. The user can start coloring without worrying about

buying additional color pencils.
As a creative director for this project, I decided to design the physical product to grasp the
overall traditional aesthetic. Back in 1970-80, folded palm leaves boxes were very popular in
Myanmar for keeping items and clothing. This is where the idea came out for the packaging
design of Hidden Culture.
The desire to experiment each outcomes for the color that you made and to be able to
learn new knowledge through in a fun way together, those are the pure sub-conscious
desirability moments for the users to be experienced in life.

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