Aqua Agri-Kampungs

Michael Tan / Singapore

Re-ignite “kampung spirit”: Cleaning Kallang River & producing vegetables The evolution of kampungs to high-rise housing in Singapore resulting in limited space for farming enthusiasts to grow vegetables. With the fast-paced life experienced in the modern world, the “kampung spirit” among people is slowly dying out from society. As reported in the news, the Singapore Food Agency has targeted to produce 30% of Singapore’s nutritional needs by 2030 to improve food security. To meet such demands, the Aqua AgriKampungs was designed. Kallang River has progressed through the years, from dirty polluted waters, to river-cleaning activities, to cleaner water bodies where water sports & illegal fishing are held. The overall design of the Aqua AgriKampungs is inspired by the daily routine timeline of Potong Pasir farmers in the past. Its program incorporates the different activities found throughout the years at Kallang River. The architecture operates in three different parts – residential, farming, and communal facilities. It is built on water to cope with limited land space and receive a direct source of water for farming.

riangular-shaped modular homes are inspired by the roofs of kampung houses, following the configurations of HDB units.The direction in which different crops are farmed follows according to the amount of sunlight required. The “Full Sun” farm is a stationary south-facing farm joined to the main architecture. The East & West-facing “Full Shade” & “Partial Sun” mobile farms grow vegetables and travel out to sell them where markets are not easily available while cleaning the river along the way.

Waste materials collected will be recycled to make composts for farming. The Communal Hub brings people together, providing facilities such as a fishing pond, farmers’ market, cafeterias, farming education classrooms & a worshiping area.