You and I, Traveling the Rain to the Stars


You and I, Traveling the Rain to the Stars

Assoc.Prof. Pakorn Prohmvitak


Anytime I visit the temples in Myanmar, I see a lot of mosaics along with the murals on the walls. I was interested in the reflections of the people in these mirrors and also my own reflection. The mosaic walls makes the temple feel like heaven. I wanted to capture that feeling too. I felt like traveling to another world. Or like I traveled to another star or to heaven. That is what inspired me to make a work of art.


I did various tests by myself looking at the work. My current reflection travels with my former self (the me with a blue shirt in the original picture)

Objectives Aims or Purposes

To experiment how the mirror and the photo can come together. How the reflection of a mirror can create an image and how an image can be a reflection of the viewer. The viewer can see their reflection in the outcome of the piece.

Process or Methods

I went to the temple wearing a blue shirt and stood in front of the mosaic. Then I waited for some people with blue clothes to come by, and then I took the picture. Then I used the computer to make a design from this photo. And finally put actual mirrors on the printed work to make it look like falling rain. This is an interactive art piece. The viewer, when they see the art, they will see their own face and body reflected. It shows in the picture in the form of raindrops, and they merge with myself dressed in a blue shirt from when I took the original picture.

Techniques and materials

Photography, Ink Jet printer, Mirrors

Size or Mins.

Mixed media 14 x 14 Inches


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