Mr. Vichai Mekkerdchoo



People who are in favor of over consume unnecessary goods and over spending habits
than their income and nations consumption. Consumerism has spread not only teenagers but adults who mostly spend money extravagantly.

Intelligence mind will not influence people falling into the needs and will remind its own to be neutral on consumption and enough spending with own satisfaction and not comparing with others and suspend passion.

Expression symbol and texture for composition in which to explain the result for this concept. which equal to the essence of human, the creator uses free form and texture image reflecting the ephemeral of human being to passionate and desires possession. in which to feel uncomfortable and difficult to release from this passion until death, unless being intelligence to accomplish stopping that passion.

From this concept, the writer believes in expression monoprint technique could be respond the feeling such concept.

In conclusion, the creator wants to create this work in creative ways whichrepresent consideration of being desire and passion needs of human being. Solution can be accomplished with the intelligence and understanding.

Techniques and materials

Illustration Monoprint Watercolor

Size or Mins.

DARK SPIRIT No. 1 24 inch x 33 inch
DARK SPIRIT No. 2 24 inch x 33 inch

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