When you are out of balance and lose your positive energy, you may feel discomfort,
pain, unstable, insecure and lost in these areas of your body. It is significant to bring the balance back to self to keep your body healthy and your mind peaceful.

To balance myself, I choose yoga to be one of the choices to heal myself. Yoga is the oldest healing technique, for the modern world today. Yoga brought me the benefits of having the a strong, and flexible in body, peaceful in your mind and positive vibrant energy in your soul. Yoga helps balance and connect myself; mind, body and soul. To be thankful to this wonderful journey, The Balance is my appreciation works through the art of yoga practices.

The Balance is the one of the Unclear Relationship series. Showcasing the appreciation of the art yoga and my yoga practicing journey through the visual communication design; the symbols of seven chakras and typography.

In this works, there are two parts of my graphic works, one part is the seven wheels of energy, or known as the Seven Chakras presenting the symbols of each seven chakras; Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third-Eye, and Crown. Another part is the typography design of the words; Mind, Body, and Soul which are all aspects of life affected by chakras.

When your inner self is out of control, you are experiencing the stage of losing the good energy and life become imbalance. To bring myself back, I start practicing yoga which helps balance and connect myself; mind, body and soul together again

During the wonderful yoga journey, I have observed myself the development of my body in practicing each yoga postures and found the elements of line and shape together as interesting forms. So I take the elements to experiment by applying with core of yoga practice.

Use the yoga postures as graphic elements to apply with the keys of the yoga practice which are “Balance” and “Connect” as a design approach. Taking the symmetrical and radiate balance to adjust the composition in design components of my yoga postures in these visual works to communicate and celebrate the wonders of yoga practicing a journey of mine and presenting the video in the form of media.

Balance is key to all functional movement. You need to take time for balance and enjoy the moments. Reconnect yourself again. Yoga helps gain an inner strength to be stable and a sense of calm which enhance ability to see the entire map of where you are going and appreciate the distance you have come as well as seeing how far you still want to go. Connect yourself with the balance of mind, body and soul.

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