Title The King of Prosperity: The King of Desirability


The King of Prosperity: The King of Desirability

Assist.Prof. Gomesh Karnchanapayap


Dragons are mythical creatures appearing in many cultures. Chinese dragon is also a symbol of power, strength, good luck, and prosperity for people. All these are desirable qualities men have been seeking after. In modern China, the number ‘8’ is associated with wealth. ‘Eight’ (八) in Chinese is pronounced ‘ba’ and sounds similar to fa (发, i.e. facai 发财), meaning “well-off” or “getting rich in a short time”. Thus number ‘8’ is synonymous with the most desirable number.


The King of Prosperity : The King of Desirability is an amalgamation of Art and modern technology resulting a desirable art object through the concept, form, and material which are desirable.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

The artist would like to capture the concept of desirability through the use of the mythical creature-dragon with the form of the number “8”. The sculpture should emanate an aura of power, strength, good luck, and prosperity—all qualities to be desirable.

Process or Methods

The Artist began by researching about Chinese dragon and cooperate with an ink artist for the initial design of the dragon. The artist used figure “8” as the key form of how the dragon coil making the statue aesthetically pleasing from all angles. The form of the dragon was sculpted in Adobe Medium-a Virtual Reality sculpting application.

Techniques and materials

Bronze with incandescent patina.

Size or Mins.

Sculpture 35 cm. (W) x 45 cm. (H) x 30 cm. (D)


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