The Waves


The Waves

Assistant Professor Danaya Chiewwattakee


Capitalism has created fortune and wealth but to achieve that came the cost of natural resources which are depleting faster than the creation of nature. Each year, the forest of Amazon has been invaded for thousands of miles. Likewise, the wild fire has been happening more and more frequently as one of the results from the increasing consumption of meat. The smoke from the fire travels around the world. For example, the smoke from the Australian wild fire has travelled around the Earth for at least one roundtrip before coming back to the Australia. This caused the sky to change color in Africa and some minor effect to the New Zealand. Most people tend to think that these phenomena are something far away from their lives because nowadays human lives in the fast-changing world. Everything has to be competitive alongside with the cutting-edge technology, data leaking which causes disruption, chaos, uncertainty, and ambiguity.

Yuval Noah Harari’s Sapiens has raised a question about what is the ignorance of our wants that we need? The endless wandering without the destination of human throughout the history and instinct has proved that mankind is an irresponsible race who has been exploiting and destroying the ecosystem without realizing what they have been doing and the consequences that will follow.
Human inhabits in every part of the world. They eat, create tools which make their life more comfortable, and have fun while consuming the world’s resources. However, all of this would then come back to the original homeland on mankind, The Africa. Biologists have made assumption which has predicted that Africa is going to be the only continent that would be populated by younger population unlike any other continents that are entering the aging society. “The Waves” represents the outer and inner realms of today’s world. Although, we are living in the world chaos, the cooperation and support of mankind still give us hope and possibilities that we can make our world better.


“The Waves” was created by 3 steps. First, the sketch was drawn by using acrylic paint. Then, printed on jean cloth by using an ink jet printer and also added some embroideries on top. Because of the embroidery, when looking at the back of the work, there will be various of patterns which created new types of texture unlike the texture on the front.
The next installment will bring the patterns on the back to the front, expand the size of the work, experiment new materials, add the ink-jet-printed layers, and also add the layers of painting on top.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

Reflect the two worlds, the fast-changing world which originated from the destruction of environment by mankind’s economic system which has been ravaging like a cyclone that came from the disruption on the atmosphere. This has caused effects on the surface of the Earth and they are the sign of a changing and chaotic climate like the inner world of also changing and chaotic human heart. Also, the pursuit of consumerism’s temporary happiness induces and trembles our desire just like the ever-changing wave in the state of endlessness.

Process or Methods

1. The research of the infrared Satellite Imagery from around the world, earth radiation, and
components of the atmosphere.
2. Vertical aerial photograph as references and other photographs including the images of
mountain, river, cave, desert, dust storm, cyclone, city and plain.
3. Collage of painted image printed by using an inkjet printer on a jean cloth.
4. Embroidered on the cloth in shape of cyclone, splash, overlapping circles and dots.

Techniques and materials

1. Acrylic paint on Xerox paper.
2. Printed by using an inkjet printer on a jean cloth.
3. Multi-layer embroidery

Size or Mins.

Multi-layer embroidery 79 x 119.5 cm


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