The Mixed Media Art of Rebirth


The Mixed Media Art of Rebirth

Mr. Ekachai Somboon


The forest is the most valuable and useful asset to our man rind. We have been dependent upon it direct by the essential need for life.

The forest indirectly helps to prevent a nature disaster. The forest effect is also related to the social economy as well. We need to share the responsibility to save the forest from all sorts of calamities. I was thus inspired to create the mixed media art of rebirth.


The viewer should understand how human beings have destroyed the trees in nature. By leaving such a tragic end to nature when there is a calamity. Representing the reflection of the result of who nature once appeared by re-creating the parts of the trees as a dreamlike existence of the trees that spring to life from the dead ones.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

To reflect on the truth on the destruction of the forest, to express the sorrowful, and the same time the felling of hope fulness to wards the revival of life and the trees, my endeavor as an artist, is the process of bringing back to life the normal condition of nature. To focus on everyone contributing their responsibilities and awareness to protect, save, love the trees by replacing the ones which have been destroyed.

Come now, when the tree is not there remaining and leaving traces of the emptiness let us see which reflects our awareness and deep, we still have hope that someday there will be more beautiful trees to come back in the future.

Process or Methods

1. Study the cause and consequence regarding destruction of the forest.
2. Research on the actual situation in the forest.
3. Sketch ideas.
4. Create the work.
5. Assembly the work into installation.

Techniques and materials

1. Draw a sketch of a tree on the computer.
2. Stenciled laser cut acrylic sheet, mirror.
3. Make a wooden structure for assembly and installation of works.
4. Put the pieces of twigs and leaves and arrange them to create reflections in the mirror acrylic sheet.

Size or Mins.

Mix media 1.20 x 2.40 M.


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