ASA change is initiated from the questions we have for the role of architects, and
whether we can contribute our potential and knowledge to do something more than just designing a building or a house for those who can pay, something more significant that affects people’s lives at a much larger social scale.

This activity aims to be more of an inspiration, for the architecture profession,
governmental and private organizations and the general public. We’re certain that if the proposed solutions were actually recognized and interested by an organization or the public, we architects would be willing to share and contribute our knowledge to make the change happen. if this activity inspires someone, it’s already a good sign that people might possibly become more concerned and involved in the society they’re living in.

We invite architects to design solutions, which can potentially lead to the change of
things around us. it doesn’t always have to be something big and serious; it can be an everyday-life problem that we’ve all encountered.

Techniques and materials

Film & Video Motion

Size or Mins.

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