Flooded with Happiness

Assist.Prof. Sutat Palama



  Babies sit in the center of their own universe surrounded by mirrors that reflect their
cuteness. Parents should actively help their children turn the “mirrors of self-importance, self-concern, and plain selfishness into windows to look out on and respond to the needs of others.” To assist our efforts as parents to encourage our children to look beyond themselves. Flooded with Happiness is the children book that tell about giving, selflessness flexible attitude, consider the important of life is the number one our materialism, consider and learn from the character consider to yourselves to be giving person and sacrifice.

Flooded with Happiness however even people got a big flood. people have a steam of helping each other, All animals waiting for help,

The world today focus on “me” does not make it easy to raise children who are not self-centered. Following these principles on the book can help children and families learn to serve each other and look to help those around them.

Techniques and materials

Illustration Digital Painting

Size or Mins.

Book Size 24 x 24 cm.
Kamishibai Size 30 x 42 cm.
Size 70×100 cm.

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