Social Addict No.1, No.2


Social Addict No.1, No.2

Asst.Prof. Vichai Mekkerdchoo


The advancement of technology in the fast internet system, modern mobile system, it may
be followed by problems. Which now there is a new disease caused by the use of social media, that is “Social Media Addiction” means spending too much time and attention on social media to the extent that it affects work, study, life. There are problems both physically and mentally.


In conclusion, the creator wants to create this work in creative ways which represent consideration of being desire and passion needs of human being. Solution can be accomplished with the intelligence and understanding.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

Today we are living with smartphones and social media which can make us unconsciously
addictive and developed a social media addiction. Lacking of interaction with the people around, affect the health of the body and long term mental.
We should observe ourselves if we have symptoms of social media addiction with the
following 7 characteristics:
1. Spending more time on social media than intended
2. Feeling restless or irritable when not using social media
3. Can’t control own access to social media even after trying
4. No matter what activity we are doing, we tend to think about using social media.
5. When stressed, use social media to relax.
6. There is a lie or a cover up in order to play social media
7. Problems at work or problems in relationships with close people with social media causes
If the symptoms mentioned above shows that we may be addicted to social media. Which if we recognize and understand, it will be able to cope and fix it in the early stages. But if we find that we can’t deal with ourself, it is necessary to see a doctor or a psychiatrist to screen, diagnose and treat social addiction problems.

Process or Methods

From the concept laid out, it is necessary to search and consider the meaning of the picture as a symbol to convey the story of addiction as if being bound to the point of being unable to break free with certain conditions. Here the writer chooses a meaningful image. Skull and skeleton refer to a human being bound by a vine that clings to something. Herein means getting stuck in the world of social media by crazy for the fruit that is a symbol of the online world, such as the symbol of satisfaction, like or love.

Techniques and materials

From this concept, the writer believes Photo & Retouching technique could be respond such concept.

Size or Mins.

20” x 30”


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