UX&UI design Mobile Application,
Wisdom King Application
for The Golden Jubilee
Museum of Agriculture Office
(Public Organization)

Assist. Prof. Sirada Vaiyavatjamai



  The Golden Jubilee Museum of Agriculture was established in 1996 by the
Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives to celebrate the 50th accession on the throne of H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej. In 2008 The office of the Museum of Agriculture (Public Organization)
was established to responsible for its administration and its functional roles, to disseminate
the prestige and royal wisdom of H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej as well as the importance
and innovations of agriculture sector. In addition, to inspire and encourage people to adopt
the philosophy of Sufficiency Economy into their daily practical lifestyle, including to support
people to produce their own fresh and safe food supplies and become self-sufficient and

Regarding to the innovations and appropriate technology for the agricultural
sector, museum designed and displayed 9 special living exhibitions divided into 3 main
area; ‘Mado Pavillian’ consist of The King Museum, ‘Indoor Museum’ exhibits The King Loves
Us, Amazing Genetics, Forest, Way of Water, Soil and Agriculture is Life and ‘Outdoor
Museum’ including of Follow the Father’s Footsteps and Innovation for SE Agriculture at the
museum. There are organic coffee shop and local products from Thai farmers and Thai
designer in the souvenir shop in a sufficiency economy platform.

The focus is on the creation of meaning from something which already has a meaning, especially since the viewer has seen at least some of the visuals before. Viral videos are those clips which have been shared so many times they are everywhere. The new meme relies on the fact that the viewer already has an idea associated with it. The new meaning comes as a visual gag and a sense of humor.

Accomplishing the objectives of the museum and creating more understandable
knowledges, the interactive mobile application can inspire users with ‘Mind the Gap’ idea to
apply a friendly technology on a mobile platform for visitors. The WisdomKing app provides
3 main functions including of Museum Map, 360-degree view of photo gallery and support
3 languages; Thai, English and Chinese. Furthermore, users can book activities, shopping
the products and inquiry all the services of the museum— all in one mobile application.

The result of the project outcome performed a modern platform with practical
usability and fully friendly interactive features. The app is not only functional design but
also represent tone of voice of the museum organisation to visitors. Users can learn and
understand the royal working principles, the Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy, The
New Theory in farming, the royal initiative projects of H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej.
The ‘WisdomKing Application’ supports users to enhance an ability to encourage
people to adopt the sufficiency economy philosophy into their daily way of life.


Objectives Aims or Purposes

1. To promote the royal wisdom of H.M.KingBhumibhol Adulyadejinregardsto the innovations and appropriate technology for the agricultural sector
2.To develop a mobile application technology and support visitors to learnabout museum at ease.
3.To increase the potential of the exhibition installation indoor and outdoor of the museums to enhance learning the context of core concept better.
4.To build awareness and inspire learning by doing to adopt
the sufficiency economy philosophy into their daily way of life
5.To encourage an agriculture-related knowledge and support people to produce their own fresh and safe food supplies to achieve self-sufficiency and self-reliance

Process or Methods

1. Research
i.The process started with a requirement of the mobile application and led to gathering all information to design thinking process; ideas, hypotheses and assumptions. Considering the research methods to understand users’ behaviors, user journey, user flow, motivation to approach users’ satisfaction.
ii. Defining the use of principles which set the tone for the rest of project; visual design to follow the brand’s guideline, the museum service’s must be clear, easy and inspiring
iii. Technical and function focused on the app must be easily to identify feature and interface is understandable for visitors as well as respect their goodwill and privacy.

2. Understanding Information architecture
i. Base on the service system the museum offer,the structure provided
user usage and organised the flows.
ii. Analysing user journey was to expand experience to focus on the main purpose of the app.
iii. Create Flow and wireframes

3. Identify the style guidelines; use the mascot of the museum to represent the image of warm welcoming, friendly and being an smart farmer. Determine the typeface system, color identity, illustrative element, photography, layout and user interface design.

4. Design the prototype project using AdobeXD to experience the flowand testing.

5. Develop the project and test all features and functions.

Techniques and materials

Mobile Application

Size or Mins.

12 x 32” Presentation Boards of ‘WisdomKing Application’

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