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The Slum communities along the canal is the other side of the city another part of city life and another corner of development that makes people who have no alternative group must be defined as poor urban by the canal. It is looks like in our memory house conditions along the canal will be a very memorable image not only congestion and environmental conditions crowded along the canal and unhappy environment. Each house has deteriorated, unlike the degradation of the environment along the canal. Especially with the exceptionally high houses in the canal until many times. We can’t imagine that there shouldn’t be a place of living for our people. If possible, moving to a stable place and having a more organized allocation would be more appropriate comparable to the life of a canal community with Life of water hyacinth that the grooves floating with the tides seem worthless, but meaning is a symbol of the relationship between people, canals and cities.

While the city grew steadily. There are many department stores. There are housing projects spread throughout the suburbs. There are many condominiums in the city center. But the existence of communities along the canal It is another true face of prosperity in the capital that cannot be denied. Based on the above information that relates to my real life that sees the changing lifestyle of slum communities along the Rangsit canal of Pathumthani Province for more than 20 years. Regarded as the marginal community of Bangkok in the past. The reign of King Rama 5 had dug this canal for transportation, water and agriculture making the way of life, people, canals and cities connected to each other for a long time until the prosperity of the road and the expansion of the city causing the relationship of the ways of life along the canal to change Residential houses along the canal were demolished moved to live a condo style Turn your back to the river that has been living together. The wall was built to prevent flooding for the city people. The river along the canal has changed into a dumping of urban sewage. For this reason, I want to reflect on the changes in the ways of life along the canal community. By presenting in visual arts and mixed media techniques.


This work is an expression of the idea from inspiration that has seen the changing conditions of urban society that affect the way of life of communities along the canals. the house that used to face There is a wooden bridge used as a water port to connect with the water in the canal, so it must face the road instead. Traveling by water by boat is not used. Go for a car trip instead. Community along the canal will be seen as a surplus of urban development. Therefore, it was demolished and led to the creation of row houses in the form of organizing a new way for the community.

In the creation of this work, the remains of old wooden boats are still used primarily in the creation because there are traces of the past. oldness over time combined with the creation of new techniques by welding steel frames and steel plates to symbolize the changes that have occurred in the community’s way of life along the canal. It also uses video media to depict movements similar to rowing boats along the canal looking at the past and the changes that have occurred. This work has created a space of perception. To encourage the creation of a balance between the prosperity of urban society and the way of life of communities along the canals.

Objectives Aims or Purposes

To create a visual art media reflections on the way of the canal lifestyle affected by the growth of urban society.

Process or Methods

1. Research & find out about canal lifestyle along with current changes and conditions.
2. Create a draft to reflect the inspiration and idea leading to art and design work creativity.
3. Find the materials needed to be used,.
4. Recording and editing video.

Techniques and materials

1. Mix media
2. Steel welding
3. Decayed wooden boat

Size or Mins.

Mixed media 400 cm. x 250 cm.


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